Poem in honor of Holy Cross Radiology Techs

Radology Techs Graduation June 2008, poem written for their ceremony

Emerging today from the ground level rooms of a hospital micro college

From watch, learn, do..to “I’ll show you”. Less wonderment, more knowledge

Physics, process, communication, documentation, and rules

Patient service, education, mastering digitized tools

They crank up all the GE, Siemens, Phillips and Toshibas

Finding anatomicphysiopath from cartilage to amoebas

The docs in white might sign their names to written diagnoses

But we all know who makes or breaks this magnetic metamorphosis

Meeting demands of specialists, and surgical prima donnas

Data from 2 AM on-site techs to remote radiologists in pajamas

Pixels, voxels, fractionation, decaying isotopes

Avoiding too much radiation, while learning all the ropes

Oh, they also absorb all that billing code stuff, all those work rules and health regulations

Systems for data, results view and orders, time keeping tools for vacations

If our techs have mastered, from device to bedside, all these skills they can take to the bank

Then.. hero or martyr, we will all look much smarter, and we’ll have these new graduates to thank

Andrew Barbash, MD

Neurosciences Program Director

Holy Cross Hospital

Appreciator of the work of the Radiology Techs

June 13, 2008



About Andrew Barbash, MD

Neurology Telemedicine affiliated with Specialists on Call Virtual Care Services

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