Zoom Text Chat for Case Discussions

I am part of a large group of Telemedicine physicians. We use Zoom all day long for secure collaboration within our clinical network.  In addition to the outstanding Video tools, of course, is also the nicely implemented secure chat, with added features, and mobile access

I have recently started to show colleagues how one can use the “add an instant chat group” feature for clinical cases.

As a team you might have one large discussion board in which many people might post things about many cases., That can get confusing and also at some point people want to follow certain cases but not others, and avoid “notification overload”…

Simple solution!

You are seeing a patient, which in this example we would call “Mr Test”.

You would like some comments about the CT scan or the case in general.

You use the feature of “create a public group” (this is only “public” within your private network so in fact its really a secure group with limited access”

You name the group “Mr Test Case”

All you do in the main group is post “hey, if anyone interested,  join my public Mr Test Group and comment on the case”

All users can then click “add group, JOIN public group, easily search/find that case and add themselves in”

Then you can comment, and later leave or rejoin the case discussion

The case “owner” can just delete it all later when the case is done.

A feature Zoom could think of adding later is maybe having all groups have a “link” so that someone could copy the link into another chat and make it easier to find

But this is a really nice way to balance collaboration, security, and manageable notifications for clinical care



About Andrew Barbash, MD

Neurology Telemedicine affiliated with Specialists on Call Virtual Care Services

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