Updox helps me with continuity of care


Wow do I love Updox.  I am a full time Telemedicine Neurologist and use it many times a day for many purposes. Now to be fair, I am one of its founders but to be equally fair I USE it because it helps streamline so much workflow.

A common issue is being able to get feedback on interesting cases when you see them in so many different states, hospitals, facilities and health systems. Patients will be transferred to other centers often for special procedures, etc.

Who is the best source of “patient centered feedback” on how the patient is doing, what important tests were done, getting you a faxed copy perhaps of an MRI report, or the names and contact info for key other physicians that might have become involved?


Telemedicine engages family members directly on video initially so that relationship is already established.

So what do I do?…..as can ANY clinician with an Updox user account?

I ask the main family member right while we are on video..for their full name and email address.

I open the Updox address book, and create them as a patient/family caregiver.

I send out an initial intro email with a set Updox custom template so that with one click the person receives this….


While we are on the video consult the family member looks at their smartphone and confirms seconds later they got my email.

Then what?  Oh, 12-24 hours later i get a nice followup from them with an update on how their family is doing.  I can easily import that into another EMR or tracking database as well.  I can then invite in any other clinicians whose email addresses i get, to setup a secure messaging relationship, etc

Continuity of care in telemedicine.

I love it



About Andrew Barbash, MD

Neurology Telemedicine affiliated with Specialists on Call Virtual Care Services

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