Use a one-click secure video meeting for consults

Clinicians who use Zoom Video conferencing tools for Telemedicine can make it very simple for nurses, doctors, staff or even a family caregiver present at the bedside meet for a video consult without relying on special carts or hardware.  This is particularly important when one encounters “local” issues where the “telemedicine cart” is having technical issues, bandwidth issues, or other challenges that is interfering in that instant with an effective consultation.

If you have a Zoom user account then you have in your profile a “personal meeting room link” that is static, does not change, can be customized by name if you prefer, and can be placed on your personal home page or other location that has an easy URL for others to remember.

In my case and in our “virtual clinic”  it is easy to add one workflow item to this if interested… an intermediary Podio Web Form that does two things……the visitor goes to your home page and gives you their name and mobile phone and reason to visit (in case any issues you can text back).   The form then immediately takes them into your Zoom consult room.  As soon as people arrive you can “lock and later unlock” the room for privacy.  In addition, the clinician is immediately notified that someone is visiting, who it is, how to reach if any issues, etc.  The workflow is phenomenal, reliable and highly respectful of the participants need for ease of access and privacy as well.

Anyone can easily get a URL that is easy to tell people by phone or to have their support staff tell the nurse on the other end…

“Oh, Dr B will meet you now from your own mobile device, dont worry about the technical issues with the cart or our hospital computer”..Pick up your smartphone click to “www. (your favorite URL) com” and you will be connected for a secure clinical consultation right now, including screen sharing of images, secure chat, etc




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