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Using ShareFile for medical imaging collaboration

Today I had a great experience leveraging the new Medical Image Uploader plugin for ShareFile

A family member went for an MRI at the request of a consulting physician

All she had to do was get a copy of the CD before leaving the imaging center

She went home, and put the CD in her computer

Because I have remote control granted, i literally opened ShareFile from that computer (with the dual factor mobile phone authenticator code, which is very cool) and the sharefile medical image plugin recognized the format of the CD

It asked for a folder name, quickly imported the entire MRI study in easily used format for anyone else to view

Secure Link sent out to email address of the specialist

I got notified a few minutes later they had been able to access the images and report

Amazingly simple workflow

In our Virtual Clinic at, this is one of the tools we make accessible to our subscribed members also

So easy, and its the simple secure collaboration across practice boundaries that is so wonderful and efficient


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